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Lesley Carlberg presents


July 28th, 2017


written & performed by Lesley Carlberg

Vancouver Fringe Festival September 7-17, 2017
Firehall Arts Centre (280 East Cordova St at Gore Ave)

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Fifth Fringe Comedy from Lesley Carlberg a Hilarious Song & Dance 
Solo Show about the Search for Happiness
Cue the music! This comedic solo show takes stand-up to the next level as Lesley Carlberg sings and dances her way through some of her life’s most epic failures. Middle-aged mom and self-professed lost soul, Lesley Carlberg, has spent her life battling the muffin top and struggling to find meaning. But now she has even bigger problems: her kids just left home so what’s she going to be when she grows up? How I Lost One Pound, The Musical follows Lesley’s quest in this self-absorbed world to realize her life’s purpose and maybe even lose a pound or two.
Carlberg says, “I’ve been trying to shed the “baby fat” since I had my children over 20 years ago. I constantly take one step forward, two steps back and have been putting my life on hold until I lose the weight. It just doesn’t work — the process and pressure doesn’t do any good! I created this show to share my imperfections, my struggles with losing weight and realizing my dreams. I want the audience to leave knowing that you’re never too old to find your vocation and no matter how much you weigh!”
“Carlberg herself is charming and funny, someone you’d want to meet up with
for ‘Chardonnay O’Clock.”—Winnipeg Free Press
“Carlberg left the audience with an important message to make your own opportunities and chances instead of waiting for them to come your way.”—Ottawa Life
“She’s hilariously adorable and utterly unpredictable.” —Apt613


Vancouver Fringe Performance Dates and Times September 7-17, 2017
at Firehall Arts Centre (280 East Cordova at Gore Ave)


Thurs Sept 7th @ 5:00pm.

Fri Sept 8th @ 10:15pm.

Sat Sept 9th @ 6:45pm.

Sun Sept 10th @ 12:00pm.

Mon Sept 11th @ 8:15pm.

Tues Sept 12th @ 6:00pm.

Fri Sept 14th @6:45pm.

Media enquiries and interviews, please contact: Lesley Carlberg lcarlberg@rogers.com 416-726-0130.



High res photo available for download HERE.

Video “How I Lost One Pound,The Musical” Movie trailer parody available HERE.

Video “Shit Dieters Say” Available HERE.

About Lesley Carlberg:

Lesley graduated with an HBA in dance and choreography at York University and studied writing for the stage and screen at George Brown College. She’s also trained in improv from Second City and clowning from the renowned Canadian clown duo, Mump & Smoot. In addition to theatre performance, Lesley performs stand-up comedy regularly in Toronto and sometimes in New York City before writing and performing in numerous Fringe festival hits. For Toronto FringeKids, Lesley has written and performed in two children’s musicals — Zucchinis! Zucchinis! Everywhere! and The JellyBean Forest. For the grown-up Fringe circuit, Lesley co-wrote and co-performed in the variety show called When I Grow Up: A Personal Narrative, and recently premiered her latest solo show How I Lost One Pound, The Musical at the Ottawa Fringe in June 2017 and across Canada in Winnipeg and Edmonton before bringing it to the Vancouver Fringe September 2017. 



lesleycarlberg.com Facebook: How I Lost One Pound, The Musical 

Twitter & Instagram: @lesleycarlberg


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Sh*t Dieters Say
Movie Trailer Parody




Abandoned mom and lost soul, Lesley Carlberg has spent her life battling the muffin
top. But now she has even bigger problems: her kids have left home so what is she going
to be when she grows up? And where is the TV Remote? “How I Lost One
Pound, The Musical” follows Lesley’s quest in this dizzying and self-absorbed world to realize her purpose in life now and maybe even lose a pound or two.

Written and performed by Lesley Carlberg


Lesley Carlberg : Writer/Performer

Lesley began her career as a creative artist at the age of three as a dancer and then as a musician five years later. She graduated with an HBA in dance & choreography at York University, Toronto and studied writing for the stage & screen at George Brown College with Nika Rylski. For many years, Lesley studied and performed improv & clowning at Second City and with the infamous Canadian clown duo, Mump & Smoot. Although she studied Writing & Performance in Comedy at Humber College, Lesley is an eternal student of comedy making her family, friends and even strangers laugh on a daily basis. It all started (sort of) when Lesley was the emcee at Janet d’Eon’s wedding and had the guests laughing and laughing. Afterwards, Janet said to her “You should be a stand-up comedian”. Yea! So Lesley began her stand-up comedy career in New York City actually stepping on stage for the first time as a comic at Stand-up New York with Janet in the audience! Lesley regularly performs in theatre as well. Her first and favourite role was Suzette in the farce “Don’t Dress for Dinner”. Lesley also teaches piano to children and improv & stand-up comedy to wannabe comedians & actors as well as workshops in humour and creativity to business people along with running her own graphic design company with her husband, Freddy. For Toronto FringeKids, Lesley has written and performed in two children’s musicals “Zucchinis! Zucchinis! Everywhere!” and “The JellyBean Forest”. For FringeGrown-ups, Lesley wrote and performed with Barbara Jensen in the variety show called “When I Grow Up: a personal narrative”. The idea for this current musical all started when Lesley wrote her first book, “How I Lost One Pound”. When she grows up, Lesley would like to record a song, make a video and be a “One Hit Wonder” because, like she tells her children, rock stars don’t really have to sing that great.