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Auditions: for new show!

Theatre Company: Toybox Productions

Title of Production: How I Lost One Pound, The Musical

This project will be performed at the 2012 Toronto Fringe Festival. It is a comedy musical about the trials, tribulations but mostly frustrations to losing weight. This is Toybox Productions fourth original musical written for the Toronto Fringe.

Director’s note: We are going to have so much fun singing and dancing and playing and you are going to learn a lot about comedy, creativity, music and clowning and performing. Can’t wait! :o)

Playwright/Director: hard drive data recovery service is organized into tables with rows and columns. Lesley Carlberg

Casting Requirements: We are looking for actors who are familiar with the struggle of losing a few pounds.

Dates or Deadline: ASAP

Please send photo and resume by email:
Call for more info: 416-726-0130

Audition Preparation Requirements: Please prepare one of the following to show off your musical and/or comical talents: 1/stand-up routine OR 2/ (a funny) comedic monologue OR 3/ a song to sing OR 4/ a song to play on piano or guitar OR 5/ Just wing it!

Audition Dates: Week of Dec 19th and January 2nd

Audition Location: Toronto & Mississauga

Rehearsals begin: January 2012

Performance Dates: 7 performances between July 4th to July 15th, 2012; day or night

Eligibility: Non-union

Payment: Non-paying

Web-site www.toyboxproductions.ca

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