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Before 2009

When I Grow Up: a personal narrative

Our comedy romp program: 1/Clown 2/Lemonade 3/Have Fun 4/Stand-up 5/Fly 6/Rock 7/Stand-Up 8/Sing 9/Dance 10/Play. In other words: our rules for life we try to follow. Is it too late to dream about what you want to be when you grow up? Hope not! We surrender to you our aspirations from childhood dreams and grown-up reveries in a  comedy variety show of  clowning, stand-up, & singing, dancing, & sketch. It’s a little bit campy, vampy and a little bit rock’n’roll and VERY funny. Maybe even artsy. Can we still have dreams? Hope so!

Toronto Fringe Theatre Festival July 2009

Where: Royal St. George College Theatre
120 Howland, Toronto (northwest of Bloor & Spadina)


Friday, May 8th, 2009  11:00 pm
Where: The Second City Theater, 51 Mercer Avenue, Toronto

Fundraiser benefitting Tour for Kids (www.tourforkids.com)
Tickets: $25 call 416-343-0011 or www.secondcity.com

Lesley Carlberg: Writer & Performer
Lesley Carlberg began her performance career at the age of three as a dancer and continued studying dance all the way through York University. After which she took up writing for the stage & screen at George Brown College. Lesley also studied improv, comedy and clown at Second City, Humber College and with Mump & Smoot. She has performed in a number of commercials on TV and in community theatre around town and enjoys performing stand-up comedy in cities like Toronto and New York City. Lesley has written two children’s musicals “Zucchinis! Zucchinis! Everywhere!” and “The Jellybean Forest” that were both performed in the Toronto Fringe Festival 2002 & 2005. When she grows up, Lesley would like to record her own song, make a video and be a “One Hit Wonder” because rock stars don’t really have to sing that great.

Barbara Jensen: Writer & Performer
Barbara Jensen has been performing for family members and any one else who would listen to her from a very young age.  The need to be noticed and quest for attention has been in her blood since as early as she can remember.  She has performed in and directed numerous plays; the most notable being, “The Cabbage Patch Kids Return”.  She has brought to life characters such as Creepella, The Dandelion Diva and Clyde.  Children”s Theatre is where her passion lies as she has written numerous musicals like “So You Think You Can Prance”.  Barb possesses no other notable talents except for the fact that she loves the feeling of being on stage and is excited by the idea that when she grows up she”s going to someday be famous.

Damon Lum: Stage Manager
Damon Lum still feels like a newcomer to the acting scene.  He first began taking improv classes at the Bad Dog Theatre/Theatresports Toronto in July 2002 and hasn’t stopped performing. You can see him play with “MK-Ultra”, an improv team with the Impatient Theatre Company and co-host “Jammin’ on the One”, Toronto’s foremost open improv jam.  His other credits include performing with the comedy troupe, “Asiansploitation” and also in the Muki Baum Association”s musical, “Speak! Dance! Sing!” He was the stage manager for “Lying on the Escarpment” as part of “Women on the Brink” for the Toronto Fringe Festival in 2007.  But if you see someone swinging without a golf club on the street, it’s probably him.  When Damon grows up he wants to be a High School History teacher.



The Jellybean Forest

When Chauncy and Mimi Hike to the Jellybean Forest to pick some jellybeans for their pet, WooWoo, they discover that almost all of the trees have vanished. That grumpy Princess has been destroying the beautiful Jellybean Forest for her own bebfit. Now Chauncy and Mimi must save the forest and get the Princess on their side before it’s too late.

These are original children’s musicals for the theatre. The stories are very cute and also educational about friendship and compromise and the environment and materialism. 


Lesley Carlberg: Writer, Producer, Mimi

Taylor Wilson: Director & Composer

Mecai Fortune: Chauncy Gardener

Kristen McGregor: Princess

Lisa Humber: Stage Manager




Zucchinis! Zucchinis! Everywhere!

Chauncy, who loves to garden, gets into big trouble when her clumsy friend, Mimi, plants too many zucchini seeds. Now a new neighbour is driving her crazy with his music so Chauncy is eager to move away. But how can she sell her house when it abounds with zucchinis? Find out in this scrumptious kid’s show about friendship and compromise where characters frolic with yellow and green balloons in a musical garden adventure.

Burnhamthorpe Library Theatre 2005

Lesley Carlberg: Writer & Director

May-lee Todd: Mimi

Michelle Paré: Chauncy Gardener

Josh Saltzman: Floyd

St. Christopher”s Catholic School 2003

Lesley Carlberg: Director & Mimi

Kristine Marchese: Chauncy Gardener

Barb Jensen: Flo


Lesley Carlberg: Writer, Producer & Mimi

Paul Babiak: Director & Composer

Kristine Marchese: Chauncy Gardener

Fabe de Frietas: Floyd

Lisa Humber: Stage Manager


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