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CD:  Songs from the show “How I Lost One Pound, The Musical”

Book: How I Lost One Pound: Secrets & Tips to Lose Weight

Book: How I Lost One Pound: Recipes & Menues


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Coming this Christmas to the ToyBox Boutique is Lesley Carlberg’s Book: “How I Lost One Pound”.  For decades, earthlings, particularly female, have spent millions of  hours strategizing on how to lose 5, 10, 20 pounds or more and billions of dollars in realizing this goal. Attached to the scale, Lesley shares with you her roller coaster journey to conquer this common and all-consuming venture. Email lcarlberg@rogers.com to reserve your copy. Please leave a space where we can add the book cover picture or in the meantime if it is not too much trouble you could crop the logo postcard without the bum