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Into the Fringe 2012

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Yay!! One of thirteen companies drawn from the lottery in my category out of 158 companies! for the 90 minute show.  1/12 odds. I thought it would be tougher to get into the 60 minute category but those odds are 1/7 odds.
Anyways I’m In! with my new original show “How I Lost One Pound, The Musical”. Inspired by true events, this comedy is a collection of songs and monologues about the notion/struggle to be less horizontally challenged.


Stand-Up Comedy Course

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 So you wanna be funny?

“They” say you can’t LEARN to be funny BUT you can LEARN to be FUNNIER. Yea, whatever.

Have you always wanted to try stand-up comedy but didn’t know where to start? Do you want to be more comfortable speaking in front of a crowd? Or are you just looking for a fun night out?  Here’s your chance!

Neighbourhood comedian Lesley Carlberg will be holding a weekly romp of humour and creativity to inspire the comedian hidden deep within or the one that is just bubbling underneath the surface ready to BUST out.

Incorporating techniques of acting, clowning, writing, ,music, improv, and public speaking, Lesley will take you on a journey of self-discovery in a safe and supportive environment to explore the SECRET life of stand-up comedians. You can do it!! You can do it!! Yea, you can do it!

Starting? Monday, January 8/08

Time? 7pm to 10pm

When? Every Mondays for 8 weeks

Location? Lorne Park Hall, 1288 Lorne Park Road, Mississauga

Cost? Donation for room rental.

EXTRAS: A special road trip downtown to the BIG city and/or maybe even a SPECIAL guest!

Make it your New Years Resolution:  #8 Learning Something New

For more info call 416-726-0130 or email lcarlberg@rogers.com