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Winnipeg Media Kit

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June 26th, 2017


written & performed by Lesley Carlberg

July 19 -30
Dramatic Arts Centre

“she’s hilariously adorable and utterly unpredictable “ – http://apt613.ca Ottawa Fringe

Lesley Carlberg is proud to present her fifth Fringe comedy about a mom who is searching to find happiness, to realize her purpose in life and maybe lose weight:

“How I Lost One Pound, The Musical”

Not really a musical. But there’s singing & dancing! It’s a musical-ish! Abandoned mom and lost soul, Lesley Carlberg has spent her life battling the muffin top. But now she has even bigger problems: her kids have left home so what is she going to be when she grows up? “How I Lost One Pound, The Musical” follows Lesley’s quest in this self-absorbed world to realize her purpose in life now and maybe even lose a pound or two.

Presented by Lesley Carlberg in at the Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival.

Venue: Dramatic Arts Centre, 585 Ellice Ave., Winnipeg

Wed, July 19th  9:45 pm

Thurs, July 20th 6:00 pm

Fri, July 21st 4:00 pm

Sat, July 22nd 8:00 pm

Tues, July 25th 9:30 pm

Wed, July 26th 6:00 pm

Thurs, July 27th 9:45 pm

Fri, July 28th 4:00 pm

Sat, July 29th 8:15 pm

Sun, July 30th 3:00 pm



Media: Lesley Carlberg <lcarlberg@rogers.com>  416-726-0130

Tickets $12 at the door or online https://goo.gl/ixCnBr

Please note: no Latecomer Seating, like they won’t let you in if you’re late, really

Special Thank You to WestJet!

  • lesleycarlberg.com •• Twitter & Instagram: @lesleycarlberg •• FB How I Lost One Pound, The Musical ••

Big News! Save the date!  

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Big News! Save the date!


Lesley Carlberg is proud to present her fifth Fringe comedy about a mom who is
searching to find happiness, to realize her purpose in life and maybe lose weight:
“How I Lost One Pound, The Musical”
Abandoned mom and lost soul, Lesley Carlberg has spent her life battling the
muffin top. But now she has even bigger problems: her kids have left home so what
is she going to be when she grows up? And where is the TV Volume Remote?
“How I Lost One Pound, The Musical” follows Lesley’s quest in this self-absorbed
world to find happiness, to realize her purpose in life now and maybe even lose a pound or two…but probably not.
Presented by Lesley Carlberg in association with the Ottawa Fringe Festival.
Written & Performed by Lesley Carlberg
Venue: Ottawa Dance Directive (ODD) 2 Daly Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario
Friday, June 9th, 9:00 PM
Saturday, June 10th, 2:00 PM
Sunday, June 11th, 7:30 PM
Tuesday, June 13th, 7:00 PM
Friday, June 16th 11:00 PM
Saturday, June 17th, 4:00 PM
Tickets $12 available here: https://goo.gl/U1YHPS 
 or call 613-232-6162
(Please Note: No Latecomer Seating, like you won’t be allowed in if you are late, really)

Special Thanks To WestJet!

Stay tuned for the announcement of the next show dates. If you would like to be added to the mailing list, please contact Lesley Carlberg <lcarlberg@rogers.com>


“How I Lost One Pound, The Musical”, July 2013 Totnes, England

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We extend a warm welcome to our five special guests from Canada:

Our five special guests from Canada

From left to right:

Tracey Erin Smith (festival co-director)

Lesley Carlberg

Elenna Mosoff

Briane Nasimok

Marj Wingrove

How I Lost One Pound, The Musical July 2012, Toronto

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“How I Lost One Pound, The Musical”

Written & Performed by Lesley Carlberg

Inspired by true events, this comedic romp is about one woman’s obsession with the scale, body image and the epic quest to find the Holy Grail of weightloss.

Featuring the talents of Barbara Weigelt, Chiamaka Ugwu, Kate Abrams, Lauren Wolkowski, Melissa Verwey, Megan O’Kelly, Michelle Paré, & Rosaleen Kavanagh.

Music composed by Hillary Thomson, Stephen Targett, Tony Smith
Theatre Pass Muraille 16 Ryerson in Toronto (northeast of Bathurst & Queen W)
Thursday, July 5, 2012 – 8:15pm
Friday, July 6, 2012 – 5:15pm
Sunday, July 8, 2012 – 12:00pm
Monday, July 9, 2012 – 10:30pm
Tuesday, July 10, 2012 – 6:15pm
Friday, July 13, 2012 – 2:15pm
Saturday, July 14, 2012 – 10:30pm
phone Number 416.531.1827

Lesley Carlberg : Writer/Director

Lesley began her career as a creative artist at the age of three as a dancer and then as a musician five years later. She graduated with an HBA in dance & choreography at York University, Toronto and studied writing for the stage & screen at George Brown College with Nika Rylski. For many years, Lesley studied and performed improv & clowning at Second City and with the infamous Canadian clown duo, Mump & Smoot. Although she studied Writing & Performance in Comedy at Humber College, Lesley is an eternal student of comedy making her family, friends and even strangers laugh on a daily basis. It all started (sort of) when Lesley was the emcee at Janet d’Eon’s wedding and had the guests laughing and laughing. Afterwards, Janet said to her “You should be a stand-up comedian”. Yea! So Lesley began her stand-up comedy career in New York City actually stepping on stage for the first time as a comic at Stand-up New York with Janet in the audience! Lesley regularly performs in theatre as well. Her first and favourite role was Suzette in the farce “Don’t Dress for Dinner”. Lesley also teaches piano to children and improv & stand-up comedy to wannabe comedians & actors as well as workshops in humour and creativity to business people along with running her own graphic design company with her husband, Freddy. For Toronto FringeKids, Lesley has written and performed in two children’s musicals “Zucchinis! Zucchinis! Everywhere!” and “The JellyBean Forest”. For FringeGrown-ups, Lesley wrote and performed with Barbara Jensen in the variety show called “When I Grow Up: a personal narrative”. The idea for this current musical all started when Lesley wrote her first book, “How I Lost One Pound”. When she grows up, Lesley would like to record a song, make a video and be a “One Hit Wonder” because, like she tells her children, rock stars don’t really have to sing that great. 

Barbara Weigelt : ACTOR

My name is Barbara Weigelt, and I will be 65 next month! I love to act (the fool) and have had some amateur experience over the years. In high school I was a member of the Drama Club and also studied acting with Josephine Barrington for two years in her studio in Toronto. Some of the productions I took part: “The Merchant of Venice” (Portia), “Twelfth Night” (Maria) and Charlie’s Aunt” (Kitty) and of course others which I can’t remember because I am now old. As an adult I have been studying at Ryerson University’s ACT II Studios, which is a part of The Chang School of Continuing Studies. ACT II provides a series of acting classes for the over 50 crowd, and has been providing relevant theatre both locally and internationally for the past 20 years. Through ACT II I have played several roles, including “The Admiral Creighton” (Agatha), “The Final Assessment” (student written) (Assessor Lange), and most recently “A Man and Some Women”, (Hilda) a version which will be on the Shaw Festival’s spring lineup. My passion is Restoration Theatre. The Mississauga Players is also a group with whom I am involved, and have had a part in Feydeau’s “Love By the Bolt” (Mme. Pomponette).The most exciting for me, of course, is being involved with Lesley Carlberg’s production of “How I Lost One Pound, The Musical”. Now here’s the thing, I can’t sing. But I will try to make a joyful noise or maybe lipsync. My philosophy includes getting out of my comfort zone, so this is my big chance. I know the great cast will pull me through! My educational background is in Fine and Commercial Art, and I have a small business restoring oil paintings and framing. I attended OCAD and the Banff School of Fine Arts. Love to travel, paint, read, write, act and hike.
C’est tout!

Read more

Kudos & Accolades: "How I Lost One Pound, The Musical"

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I can”t tell you how much I enjoyed the preview performance!  Everything you wrote resonated deeply with me.  You see, I used to weigh 300 pounds. This musical made my heart literally sing every point, every joke, every song – you were writing about my life. JK


I LOVED the show.  As a woman and someone who has attempted to lose one pound, the parody of women”s dieting experiences was bang on. Your show was philosophical, but never heavy…hysterical, true to life, and the dialogue and songs were a hoot. Your actors are all fabulous. Loved them all. I was thrilled to see the big crowd. Congratulations my very talented friend. was so happy for you tonight. PANCAKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  SN


I really enjoyed your play!  It was funny-I laughed a lot, really at myself because the characters reflected soooo many accurate ridiculous beliefs and rationalizations and down-right obsessions that I”ve encountered in my own brain for most of my life concerning that ridiculous obsession that most (if not all) women are culturally conditioned to buy into-weight!  It occurred to me that most of the men in the audience would perceive this in one of two ways;  “it does not compute,” as the complete and utter craziness that woman subject themselves to, (but certainly not that men can relate to), or as a real education in terms of the horrific pressure that the media and  stupid attitudes about physical attractiveness placed on women.  It was poignant!  And by the end of the play, I was able to truly appreciate the unique beauty of each woman on stage and feel the fabulous sense of liberation with the affirmations and freedom that they beautifully pulled off.  My only disappointment was that you were not acting in it as well.  AND the timing was great and each character held their own and kept the pace moving.  I loved the music and eloquent words-very clever, Lesley.   EO


The little show that could!!! You are amazing!! You did it!! You made it happen, congratulations!!!  JL
Just wanted to tell you how much fun we had at your show and lots of great lines and laughs. It was terrific and congratulations. I think we will now all be referring to our “Fuck it list “in the future. Enjoy and celebrate your week.  CC


omfg i loved it….omg omg omg omg omg…..YOU ARE SO GOOOODDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!! PS

I”m still rapping “yolo-halof”! Cracked me right up. Enjoyed the show very much. Congratulations! KM

Freddy: We saw the show tonight. Your wife is very talented. She had us all pegged! Sold out show. Congrats. JM

This musical play was hysterical… didn”t stop laughing! KF

My friends and I had a great time at the show!  You definitely got some laughs out of us 🙂 HT

Hilarious! Saw this show last night and I laughed so much. A MUST SEE!! RM

Dear Lesley, Your show last night was a triumph. It was charming, witty, engaging and memorable. With a little tweaking, it could become a huge hit! Bravo, JK

Just saw your show and it was great! Congrats! Fuck-it list and bringing back the orange drink at mcdonalds – awesome. That girl was very engaging!  JW

Ya, PANCAKES!!!!  Congrats Lesley!  Awesome show!  So funny and heartwarming!  Full house too! Xoxo JE

Just back from Lesley Carlberg”s “How I lost One Pounds, The Musical” . CONGRATS TO LESLEY, CAST, COMPOSERS AND CREW! IT WAS FANTASTIC ! Witty and Funny. Amazing Cast. Loved the light heartedness, the improv, the audience involvement, the songs… the gorgeous cast and their gorgeous voices….AND the message. So much talent… starting with Lesley herself to have written and directed this play. … A wonderful evening of entertainment – VM


Brilliant choice of subject matter. NR
Hey superstar, Great time last night. The show was more than I thought it would be. You should be proud of yourself and your cast and crew. Can”t wait for the next show 🙂  EB

Hi Lesley: Loved the show. Thanks so much for letting me know about it. My 2 sisters loved it too!!!! You are really something. Kudos to you. Love, PS




“When I Grow Up, A Personal Narrative” July 2009, Toronto

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WHEN I GROW UP: a personal narrative

Congratulations !!!!!! What a great show!!! You are the best!!! flight attendant.  Doug keeps calling it Interpretive Dance: Flight Attendant.  I was laughing so hard and your face was hilarious because it never changes in the song.  We are so proud of you …all of it was great you are a natural on stage!! Helen

You were great on stage!!! I loved the stewardess skit.  Barb was great too. Thanks for the fun night! Kim

Way to go Lesley and Barb.  Loved your performance on Friday night, especially your “Fly” song.  You girls did really great and thanks for a fun night out! Trish

Your show was awesome.  Your Air Canada / Celine routine was just hilarious! Pat

I really enjoyed your show! And what a great turnout. Loads of fun – great costumes, loads of laughs and lots of fun. Thanks for the invite. Diana

Congrats Lady!! it was  a great show and what a crowd. They loved you gals!!!!!! They were going wild!!! Christel


Here are some more plugs just about the show:

I don”t know how to begin to tell you two how amazing your were last night. Funny, creative, real, and natural are a few words but all don”t really capture the essence of your performance.  I guess what I really loved about it was all that and the true joy you could see in your faces as you performed.  Inspiring!   Love you both for doing this! Jeff Rushton

You and Barb were fantastic!!! LOVED the show….laughed my ass off! Congratulations!! Am incredibly proud of you both and thoroughly impressed at how talented and ballsy you both are. Am still in awe over Barb swinging all over that spinning bike! Tanya

Thanks for a great comedy performance. We really enjoyed the whole night. You and Barb gave us some great laughs and we still talk about it. You both have a lot of guts. Vanda

We really enjoyed the show on Friday night.  I left having been reminded of the fact that we really do take ourselves too seriously and that almost any aspect of life can be infused with Spontaneity, play and humour.  I admire your courage to get up there and be so exposed as any good comedian is. And you pulled it off!  Eileen

Awesome!  Just like your spunk and creativity and courage to do your schtick in front of so many distinguished fans….and I am one of them!  It was an honour to be in the audience last Friday.  I shall look forward to the sequel:  When I Grow Up II: A Geriatric Narrative — what did she online casino say….?! Jolene

Just wanted to say I really enjoyed your show last night. What a great accomplishment. And it certainly looks like you had a lot of fun along the way! Thanks for inviting us.  Johanne


Other Accolades:

Just wanted to thank-you for last night”s  book club – I really enjoyed it. You”re just one of those people that have a wonderful way of connecting with people and bringing them together. We”re fortunate to have you in our community and thank-you for including me in your events! …Judith

You are a very sweet and authentic young woman and I am so happy that you are doing what you love and doing it with a joi de vivre! Wishing you great success!!!!!!!!! Warmly,  Christine

Your big heart is the one thing that keeps me going. You are one of my most cherished and loved friend. Thanks  for always being there for me. I feel blessed beyond belief to have you in my world. XO, Sarina

“Lesley kept us happy, positive, and most of the time laughing riotously while we were on home-searching excursions. She”s one of the most professional, warm and caring people I”ve ever met. I would recommend Lesley to sell any home, or find anyone their perfect home.  She”s also a hilarious comedienne…a woman of many talents” Stacey

You are a lovely instructor as you have a warmth about you that makes the students respond well to anything you say. Joyce

As an instructor, you are very personable, friendly and warm not to mention you made us laugh a lot. Dawn

Before 2009

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When I Grow Up: a personal narrative

Our comedy romp program: 1/Clown 2/Lemonade 3/Have Fun 4/Stand-up 5/Fly 6/Rock 7/Stand-Up 8/Sing 9/Dance 10/Play. In other words: our rules for life we try to follow. Is it too late to dream about what you want to be when you grow up? Hope not! We surrender to you our aspirations from childhood dreams and grown-up reveries in a  comedy variety show of  clowning, stand-up, & singing, dancing, & sketch. It’s a little bit campy, vampy and a little bit rock’n’roll and VERY funny. Maybe even artsy. Can we still have dreams? Hope so!

Toronto Fringe Theatre Festival July 2009

Where: Royal St. George College Theatre
120 Howland, Toronto (northwest of Bloor & Spadina)


Friday, May 8th, 2009  11:00 pm
Where: The Second City Theater, 51 Mercer Avenue, Toronto

Fundraiser benefitting Tour for Kids (www.tourforkids.com)
Tickets: $25 call 416-343-0011 or www.secondcity.com

Lesley Carlberg: Writer & Performer
Lesley Carlberg began her performance career at the age of three as a dancer and continued studying dance all the way through York University. After which she took up writing for the stage & screen at George Brown College. Lesley also studied improv, comedy and clown at Second City, Humber College and with Mump & Smoot. She has performed in a number of commercials on TV and in community theatre around town and enjoys performing stand-up comedy in cities like Toronto and New York City. Lesley has written two children’s musicals “Zucchinis! Zucchinis! Everywhere!” and “The Jellybean Forest” that were both performed in the Toronto Fringe Festival 2002 & 2005. When she grows up, Lesley would like to record her own song, make a video and be a “One Hit Wonder” because rock stars don’t really have to sing that great.

Barbara Jensen: Writer & Performer
Barbara Jensen has been performing for family members and any one else who would listen to her from a very young age.  The need to be noticed and quest for attention has been in her blood since as early as she can remember.  She has performed in and directed numerous plays; the most notable being, “The Cabbage Patch Kids Return”.  She has brought to life characters such as Creepella, The Dandelion Diva and Clyde.  Children”s Theatre is where her passion lies as she has written numerous musicals like “So You Think You Can Prance”.  Barb possesses no other notable talents except for the fact that she loves the feeling of being on stage and is excited by the idea that when she grows up she”s going to someday be famous.

Damon Lum: Stage Manager
Damon Lum still feels like a newcomer to the acting scene.  He first began taking improv classes at the Bad Dog Theatre/Theatresports Toronto in July 2002 and hasn’t stopped performing. You can see him play with “MK-Ultra”, an improv team with the Impatient Theatre Company and co-host “Jammin’ on the One”, Toronto’s foremost open improv jam.  His other credits include performing with the comedy troupe, “Asiansploitation” and also in the Muki Baum Association”s musical, “Speak! Dance! Sing!” He was the stage manager for “Lying on the Escarpment” as part of “Women on the Brink” for the Toronto Fringe Festival in 2007.  But if you see someone swinging without a golf club on the street, it’s probably him.  When Damon grows up he wants to be a High School History teacher.



The Jellybean Forest

When Chauncy and Mimi Hike to the Jellybean Forest to pick some jellybeans for their pet, WooWoo, they discover that almost all of the trees have vanished. That grumpy Princess has been destroying the beautiful Jellybean Forest for her own bebfit. Now Chauncy and Mimi must save the forest and get the Princess on their side before it’s too late.

These are original children’s musicals for the theatre. The stories are very cute and also educational about friendship and compromise and the environment and materialism. 


Lesley Carlberg: Writer, Producer, Mimi

Taylor Wilson: Director & Composer

Mecai Fortune: Chauncy Gardener

Kristen McGregor: Princess

Lisa Humber: Stage Manager




Zucchinis! Zucchinis! Everywhere!

Chauncy, who loves to garden, gets into big trouble when her clumsy friend, Mimi, plants too many zucchini seeds. Now a new neighbour is driving her crazy with his music so Chauncy is eager to move away. But how can she sell her house when it abounds with zucchinis? Find out in this scrumptious kid’s show about friendship and compromise where characters frolic with yellow and green balloons in a musical garden adventure.

Burnhamthorpe Library Theatre 2005

Lesley Carlberg: Writer & Director

May-lee Todd: Mimi

Michelle Paré: Chauncy Gardener

Josh Saltzman: Floyd

St. Christopher”s Catholic School 2003

Lesley Carlberg: Director & Mimi

Kristine Marchese: Chauncy Gardener

Barb Jensen: Flo


Lesley Carlberg: Writer, Producer & Mimi

Paul Babiak: Director & Composer

Kristine Marchese: Chauncy Gardener

Fabe de Frietas: Floyd

Lisa Humber: Stage Manager