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Kudos & Accolades: “When I Grow Up: a personal narrative” 2009

WHEN I GROW UP: a personal narrative

Congratulations !!!!!! What a great show!!! You are the best!!! flight attendant.  Doug keeps calling it Interpretive Dance: Flight Attendant.  I was laughing so hard and your face was hilarious because it never changes in the song.  We are so proud of you …all of it was great you are a natural on stage!! Helen

You were great on stage!!! I loved the stewardess skit.  Barb was great too. Thanks for the fun night! Kim

Way to go Lesley and Barb.  Loved your performance on Friday night, especially your “Fly” song.  You girls did really great and thanks for a fun night out! Trish

Your show was awesome.  Your Air Canada / Celine routine was just hilarious! Pat

I really enjoyed your show! And what a great turnout. Loads of fun – great costumes, loads of laughs and lots of fun. Thanks for the invite. Diana

Congrats Lady!! it was  a great show and what a crowd. They loved you gals!!!!!! They were going wild!!! Christel


Here are some more plugs just about the show:

I don’t know how to begin to tell you two how amazing your were last night. Funny, creative, real, and natural are a few words but all don’t really capture the essence of your performance.  I guess what I really loved about it was all that and the true joy you could see in your faces as you performed.  Inspiring!   Love you both for doing this! Jeff Rushton

You and Barb were fantastic!!! LOVED the show….laughed my ass off! Congratulations!! Am incredibly proud of you both and thoroughly impressed at how talented and ballsy you both are. Am still in awe over Barb swinging all over that spinning bike! Tanya

Thanks for a great comedy performance. We really enjoyed the whole night. You and Barb gave us some great laughs and we still talk about it. You both have a lot of guts. Vanda

We really enjoyed the show on Friday night.  I left having been reminded of the fact that we really do take ourselves too seriously and that almost any aspect of life can be infused with Spontaneity, play and humour.  I admire your courage to get up there and be so exposed as any good comedian is. And you pulled it off!  Eileen

Awesome!  Just like your spunk and creativity and courage to do your schtick in front of so many distinguished fans….and I am one of them!  It was an honour to be in the audience last Friday.  I shall look forward to the sequel:  When I Grow Up II: A Geriatric Narrative — what did she say….?! Jolene

Just wanted to say I really enjoyed your show last night. What a great accomplishment. And it certainly looks like you had a lot of fun along the way! Thanks for inviting us.  Johanne


Other Accolades:

Just wanted to thank-you for last night’s  book club – I really enjoyed it. You’re just one of those people that have a wonderful way of connecting with people and bringing them together. We’re fortunate to have you in our community and thank-you for including me in your events! …Judith

You are a very sweet and authentic young woman and I am so happy that you are doing what you love and doing it with a joi de vivre! Wishing you great success!!!!!!!!! Warmly,  Christine

Your big heart is the one thing that keeps me going. You are one of my most cherished and loved friend. Thanks  for always being there for me. I feel blessed beyond belief to have you in my world. XO, Sarina

“Lesley kept us happy, positive, and most of the time laughing riotously while we were on home-searching excursions. She’s one of the most professional, warm and caring people I’ve ever met. I would recommend Lesley to sell any home, or find anyone their perfect home.  She’s also a hilarious comedienne…a woman of many talents” Stacey

You are a lovely instructor as you have a warmth about you that makes the students respond well to anything you say. Joyce

As an instructor, you are very personable, friendly and warm not to mention you made us laugh a lot. Dawn